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The Masterserve Concept

Spark PlugMasterserve is a brand that is synonymous with quality assurance, reliability and professionalism both inside and outside the industry. It gives the independent garage a new credibility by providing a professional image as well as incorporating new management processes such as the Masterview remote visual verification system. All Masterserve outlets are continuously monitored thereby ensuring a reliable service to the consumer, whether they be private or fleet.

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If you have been given a folder name and pin code then you can complete your application to become a Masterserve Supplier online:

If you are a garage or other automotive service supplier and are not currently a member of our Masterserve Network then please contact our suppliers department for folder name and pin code.

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If you are having problems logging into the MasterServe Interactive System please contact our helpdesk on 0844 8000 700 ext 555.

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